30before30 List

PROJECT 30before30 — a list of things that I want to experience, acquire and achieve before I turn 30 in 2017.  It really started out as a bucket list (which it still is essentially) but I stumbled on this fun and interesting spin on it while blog-stalking 🙂 and was inspired to do my own.  I’ve come to realize that time moves way too quickly so I need to get moving.

  1. Obtain my Master’s Degree 17thSeptember2015
  2. Get my Driver’s Licence
  3. Hike to Blue Mountain
  4. Start and operate a small business
  5. Amass a collection of 10 different coloured/styled stilettos, wedges or high heeled sandals
  6. Go to the movies by myself whenever I feel like it
  7. Visit two other small islands
  8. Buy my first car
  9. Move into my own place
  10. Read all the books of the Bible for a better understanding of the Word
  11. Repay all debts
  12. Pursue a multimedia course in photography and/or video-editing
  13. Save a million dollars
  14. Get a short crop hairstyle and then transition from relaxed to natural hair 27thJuly2013
  15. Increase and diversify my wardrobe
  16. Become a better cook
  17. Master the art of public speaking
  18. Become an active full-time volunteer
  19. Find a more fulfilling job
  20. Read at least one book per month
  21. Increase vocabulary and become more knowledgeable about my country
  22. Start scrap-booking 21stMay2013
  23. Attend a major/popular concert, show or event 22/23July2016 Reggae Sumfest
  24. Learn to maintain a healthy and social lifestyle
  25. Splurge on something without feeling guilty about it 18December2013 Samsung Note 10
  26. Dine at 10 (at least) restaurants across the country
  27. Donate blood 16April2013
  28. Write a book or short story
  29. Play in the snow or at least see snow fall
  30. Have my first child
Updated 27July2016
LastUpdated 27January2016

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