Rebel Salute 2017

  • Attend a major/popular concert, show or event ✔✔

Double tick because I have now done this twice and had a rebel-lation!

We got to live some life, before we’re old…we got to live some life before we’re cold…Time is short so let’s live the life the best we can               Mr.Leroy Sibbles

Yes, I did say that I would go out and have fun this year, didn’t I? Well, last week Saturday I went to Rebel Salute and had a great time.  The event got off to a late start and so didn’t end until 10am on Sunday morning and man, I was not prepared for the cold. I thought I was, since I was wearing a long sleeve shirt and pants but I wasn’t. I spent the whole night huddled in a chair trying to be warm and comfortable.

Most of the performers were good and I think I really enjoy live performances so yeah, maybe I’ll become a part of the Rebel Nation and go every year, only better prepared for the cold weather. The performances that stoodout for me were the three young upcoming artistes – Zosia McGregor, Davianah, Imeru Tafari, then there was Queen Ifrica, Agent Sasco, Third World, Sanchez, Spragga Benz and Leroy Sibbles. Maybe because I was bone-tired, hungry and yearning for my bed 🙂 by the time they came out or maybe because I had already seen their performances at Sumfest, but Popcaan and Beenieman’s performances didn’t stand out for me this time around.

And yes, we stayed until the very end because we decided not to leave without seeing ALL the performers.

The verdict is that if you are a fan of dancehall or reggae music, this event is defiinitely worth checking out. It was a real good vibe.




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