2017 Goals

It’s 2017, the year I turn 30, so let’s make it positively memorable, yes?2017-goals

I have been in such a positive state of mind since the latter part of 2016 and I would like to continue on this path as best as possible throughout the year. I have many things that I want to tackle and accomplish this year so let’s get into it.


My goals and my resolve for 2017 are to:

  1. Obtain my driver’s licence by May 2017. I think it’s about darn time that I learn how to drive and get legal to drive on the roads.
  2. Read at least 12 quality books that inspire and motivate me to grow.
  3. Embark on the journey to motherhood because I think it will be the most fulfilling thing I do in life.
  4. Volunteer with a youth organization or service club because to give of yourself in service to others is so rewarding.
  5. Earn and save more so that I can be in a better financial position by December 2017. I don’t yet know how I will accomplish this but I’ll keep working on it; get my hustle on; develop that entrepreneurial drive and spirit that seems to come easily and naturally to some people; plant the seeds that will help to create future wealth.
  6. Commit to blogging since it is therapeutic and perfectmomentI often feel quite satisfied with myself when I actually post something. All positive feelings that I would want more of, wouldn’t you? At least 4 times for a month is what I am committing to this year and by golly I will.
  7. Get a camera and pursue my interests in photography and videography
  8. Smile more, go out more, have fun and basically enjoy the last of my twenties doing whatever makes me happy.
  9. Start my day with something motivational and inspirational.

#comealive #livealittle #outstepcomfort #takerisks are my mantras this year.





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