About a Year Ago: 2016 Recap


A happy happy new year to everyone!

imagesI woke up on New Year’s day thinking that I should start the year off on my blog by reviewing the past year. You know #lookingback to #moveforward and I’m going to use the prompts that I used last year:


  • Biggest Accomplishment

Damn, I had to think about this one for a minute but my greatest accomplishment for 2016 was learning to apppreciate myself, the good and not so good qualities that make me who I am. It’s still a process but I have taken many steps in the right direction and I am quite happy about that.

  • Best Memory

My decision to attend Reggae Sumfest as my 29th birthday gift to myself gave me the best memory of 2016.

  • Biggest Obstacle/Challenge

I think the biggest obstacle for me last year, as was the case in 2015, was not being able to manage stress, anxiety and moments of sadness but I sought help from a counsellor, started reading motivational, positive and inspiring things, started asserting myself and believing in myself, which is helping me to better cope with life’s challenges.

  • Regrets

Can you regret not being happy 🙂happiness

Well, that’s my regret; not allowing myself to be more and consistently happy and guess what, I know there will come a point in my life when I will never be wholesomely happy…but right now I CAN be and SHOULD be because my family, significant other and close friends are alive and well and not many people can say that.

  • Embarrassing Moments

Can’t recall any embarrassing moment in 2016 so there must not have been any.

  • Lessons Learnt
  • 1c77f69e353c02093924dd570bae0168That I say yes a lot when I should say no
  • There are just some people in life that I just don’t and will  never gel with
  • I am the captain of my own ship and I need to steer it in the direction that I want
  • Most successful people are risk takers
  • I have a duty to myself to do what makes me happy
  • The weight of the world is not on my shoulders
  • There are quite a number of things that I don’t respond well or kindly to and I need to work on that
  • I am stronger than I think
  • People want you to focus more on their lives than you do yours…so I realized that once you put yourself as a priority just know they’re not going to like you very much
  • Small talk is sometimes a necessary good for personal growth
  • What am I looking forward to in 2017?
    • getting married to my love and having our first child
    • financial freedom and stability but the only way that’s going to happen this year is if I find some way or ways to supplement my income
    • turning 30…not! 🙂
    • being happy and healthy





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