Sibling Love, Not Rivalry

It was my sister’s birthday this past Wednesday. I am amazed at how quickly a year goes by. It seems like just yesterday we were at Tracks and Records celebrating her 30th birthday and as an expectant mother at that! Now my niece is almost a year old and my sister is 31. It’s moments like these that gets me anxious.

Our birthdays are 7 days apart. She’s 2 years older but way shorter than I am so most people would think that I am older. I am very thankful for my sister and am even more grateful that we have a good relationship, something I thought we would never have.


At one point growing up, I thought my sister didn’t like me, let alone love me. This girl once had a strong dislike for light-skinned people. I thought that this was weird since I was in fact light-skinned. So yeah, I thought she hated me. Add to that, before I was “censored” I used to say whatever came to mind and many people were not too fond of that, my sister included. Feisty and rude were words once used to describe me. Can you believe that! So yeah, I thought she hated me.

Funny enough, we didn’t have the typical sibling rivalry where we fought over every and any thing. I followed her around and tried to do everything that she did, so much so that I even tried to imitate her penmanship in high school. It was beautiful by the way. Likewise, I got in trouble if she did and this happened many many many times. Hmm, that girl…and people thought I was the troublemaker.

I should probably ask her about it. See if she did in fact hate me but don’t think I will, at least not quite yet. As  I write I am mindful of how insecurities can impact how we perceive and interact with others. Thanks Seeds4life! But even if she did, she loves me now so that’s enough for me. I am happy that we have a better relationship than my mom has had with her siblings. They were honestly poor examples and continue to be even to this day.

I think because of the simple fact that we truly love and respect each other and are genuinely happy for one another, that we will never get to that state. Thank goodness for that!




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