Reggae Sumfest 2016

Attend a major/popular concert, show or event    ✔

Number 23 on my 30before30 list is fait accompli!


Never had I ever been to Reggae Sumfest but this year I decided that my attendance at this event was how I would celebrate my birthday. I’m very glad I went because I had a blast! I got the chance to see all the Jamaican artists that I only ever see on TV 🙂

It was a week-long event but my boyfriend and I only bought tickets for the weekend shows, Dancehall Night on Friday, July 22 and Reggae Night on Saturday, July 23.

I got to Montego Bay early on Friday, it was raining when I arrived so I thought for sure that the rain would continue into the night and we wouldn’t be able to go to the show. Fortunately, the rain stopped. We got to the venue around 9:40pm to see the opening acts. I tell you, we really did not want to miss anything, it being our first time and all 🙂 but we ended up missing a few of the opening acts. Of the up and coming artists, the standout performances were by Rickey Teetz, Devin di Dakta, Tanto Blacks, Clymaxx, Ding Dong and Chi Ching Ching. Why did I enjoy these performances? They were just high energy and I loved that. I didn’t know half of the performers prior to Sumfest nor had I known their songs so I appreciated their strong performances. Of the headliners and some of the more established artists, the highlight of the night for me was Beenie Man, Bounty Killa, Agent Sasco, Romaine Virgo and Dexta Daps. At the end of the first night, which ended about 6:30am on Saturday, I was very much looking forward to Reggae Night.

15 hours later, after sleeping most of the day, we were back for more performances. I was most looking forward to Chris Martin, Busy Signal and Tarrus Riley and they did not disappoint! I loved, loved, loved their set! While I didn’t go to see them specifically, Sanchez and Nature also gave good performances. Their sound was smooth and sweet.

I’m glad these links are available that I can check out to remember the moments of Sumfest

If you are a fan of reggae or dancehall music, this is definitely worth checking out. I haven’t been to any other but I believe it lived up to the hype of being THE greatest reggae show on earth. All being well, I just may attend next year’s staging.

If that’s all I get to do this summer, this would have been one of the best I have had in a long time 🙂



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