Health & Wellness

Losing Sight

Happy Thursday!

On Tuesday, this happened.


I got prescription glasses! I never thought that I would be wearing one of these right now but two weeks ago I did an eye examination and was diagnosed with myopia. I actually haven’t started wearing them yet because as soon as the doctor told me I was nearsighted I knew I wanted a second opinion. I intend to do so before I permanently readjust my eyesight by wearing these glasses.

The problem I have been experiencing is a sensitivity to bright lights, not necessarily loss of sight, which is why I want to get a second opinion. I have learnt from my last experience to get as much information as possible and to explore different options before making any decision concerning my health and body. Once I feel satisfied that I have been appropriately diagnosed, I will wear them. In the meantime, it will remain in the case.






On the other hand, I am maintaining focus and not losing sight of my goals and what’s important to me. I have been having a good July so far and I only hope it continues to be good.

Stay positive.




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