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Living the Life You Want

Over the weekend I went to a marriage and family forum organized by the Victoria Mutual Building Society under the theme: Living the Life You Want. This was the 29th staging of such an event by the financial institution that sought to address issues negatively affecting family life in Jamaica against the reality of an increasing rate of divorce and a significant decline in the number of couples getting married in Jamaica.

The theme is what grabbed my attention because the idea of living the life that I want is near and dear to my heart. Just think how awesome it would be to live the life you envisioned for yourself.

Most of the tips and information provided were financially focused and I’m not surprised since the organizer is a financial institution after-all. The suggestion is that living the life you want requires that you be financially independent and secure. The way to do that is to save, save, save and save. After a certain point, it is recommended that you convert your savings into investments to reap higher returns.


So what happens if you are living paycheck to paycheck? Save as much as you can. Start small because every little bit adds up. Prioritize your expenses, needs and wants and budget. It was quite useful information they provided.

The family segment was also good and focused on issues related to parenting and spousal support. The highlight of the night for me was the guest speaker. If only you heard his story. I’m always inspired by people who overcome poverty, abuse or neglect to become an inspiration to others.

What I took from his presentation is that to live the life you want, you should not be afraid to take risks, be persistent in pursuing your goals and appreciate that the life you want may not be God’s plan for you. Each experience is a lesson in life!

It was definitely worth leaving the house.



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