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5 Best Moments of My Week

As I seek to have better and brighter days, one of my strategy is to try and be grateful for the things I experience and obtain throughout life. The other thing that I have been encouraged to do and which I find so hard to do is to be positive in the midst of my struggles.

best moments in life

When I consider it, my life isn’t all that bad but could it be better? Yes! So in my effort to train myself to be more grateful and positive, I am going to make note of the best moments in my days and record it in my journal at the end of each day. To kick-start this, I thought I would share on my blog the best moments of last week and yesterday.

  1. The brief moment I spent with my beau while I was in his town for my job
  2. Playing with my niecey-poo
  3. Seeing my brother off to his first day on the job
  4. Participating in a webinar that got me excited about the possibilities of supplementary income
  5. Producing a screen-cast for my office’s online training course




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