6 Months Update – Post Myomectomy

Today makes it six months since my myomectomy. The saying is that things happen for a reason and if that’s the case, the reason needs to present itself to me quickly because there are a few things I just cannot understand.

Tell me why after having done the surgery, I still have to visit the bathroom so frequently. This was one of the reasons I wanted to remove the fibroid because it was pressing on my bladder.

Tell me why after having done the surgery, I have a bulging stomach that still feels firm.

June 2016                   February 2016

What did I do to myself between February and now? Everything seemed to be going well for the most part. I even participated in a dance fitness class all through March and April. Weight gain could not be the issue because I have never been one to gain weight easily. Then I am also feverish like I have an infection but I had this back in January, was tested and the results came back negative for infection.

I know I’m complaining but pardon me for wanting good health. I don’t want to bear these burdens anymore. If ever there was a time to wish I could travel back in time, it’s now.

I know I need to accept the hand I have been dealt but I have questions and until I have something that made all of this worthwhile, I’m going to continue having feelings of regret.



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