June Goals/May Recap

I am officially one month away from my birth month. Wait, what? It’s the last of my twenties. I think I’m going to be mulling on that for awhile.

June also marks the beginning of the Atlantic hurricane season and the projections are that it will be an active one, 12 storms, 5 hurricanes and 2 major hurricanes. I’m hoping that there will be no hurricane. The heat is on so I welcome the occasional rain but no devastation please!

Onto the matter of things I want, did I accomplish what I set out to do last month?


  1. Blog at least twice per week – Started out well but then petered out while on vacation and could not get back the momentum
  2. Check job boards regularly and submit applications to organizations of interest – Nothing sparked my interest but still checking.
  3. Prep for potential interview for graduate internship programme – I was not shortlisted so the interview did not materialize.
  4. Relax – Indeed I did, spent my vacation doing nothing but relaxing

This month I’m hoping to:

  1. Blog twice per week
  2. Visit a new church
  3. Decide on my birthday activities
  4. Stay focused on repaying debts
  5. Finalize the details of my social experiment
  6. Not catch zikv; it is seriously spreading like wildfire here – so maybe I’m exaggerating
  7. Infuse music more in my daily routine. It does perk me up so…



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