Personal Development

Inner Peace

Funny how the mind works. Wasn’t that what I said at the end of my previous post?

The first week of May was instructive and illuminating. It’s like I have had multiple epiphanies, if that’s even possible. Increasingly I’m gaining new perspective on my life, the past, present and future.


The most important thing finally dawned on me while making my way home a few days ago. I have been telling myself this for quite awhile now but it has finally sunk in.

I have to chart the course of my life in a way that will make me happy and I need to be aggressive about it.

Last July was dubbed the ‘year of me’ – the year I pursue my dreams and desires. While I haven’t gotten far with this, for my own sanity it’s imperative that I keep trying.

For me to be happy, one of the things I need to do is have a better appreciation of myself. I am finding inner peace slowly but surely and I couldn’t be happier with that vision of me.