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A Letter To My Future Self

Today I started writing a letter to my future self. Why you ask? I wrote it to help me remember. In seven years, I hope to read it and be in the place I want to be. While I was writing, I realized that it made me hopeful because it allowed me to picture myself having everything I desire. I thought of sharing it but then again this letter is for me, not for you, so here’s a snippet.

Hello my fabulously 35 year old self,

If you are reading this, then that means that I lived to see Year 35. I can now laugh at shit I did at 28 years old. If not, then this letter will find meaning to my family, a remembrance of sort, of stuff I did at 28 years old, lol. I love you all. You my dear are one crazy ass chick and I hope that at 35 you haven’t lost that. If you have then this is a reminder of who you are!

Apparently writing a letter to yourself is considered an intimate act of self-love and lately, I’m all for that. It invokes hope and allows you to see yourself in a different light.

So far, I have found it to be an amazing exercise, sometimes I don’t know when to write in the first or third person, such confusion 🙂  but I love it.  I turn 35 in the year 2022 – wow, this boggles the mind – at which time I shall open my letter and have a good laugh if I’m still around. Let’s just hope I don’t FORGET that I wrote it! Now that would be funny.



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