I Dream of Paris, France

Paris - France

The question I’m responding to is:

what is the next vacation I would love to take?

As if the title and a picture of the Eiffel Tower is not enough, let me just say that I would love my next vacation to see me in Paris! travel the world

The only place I’ve ever traveled to is the Cayman Islands and that is when I was muuuuuuch younger. I have only vague memories of that trip plus I want to make new ones so let’s skip to part of my life where I begin to travel, lol. If it was only that simple.

But still I wonder why can’t it be simple. All I need is a plane ticket. I don’t really need a place to stay do I? What with all the sightseeing and the food tasting I plan on doing, who needs sleep? 🙂 It’s settled. I’m not going to pay any bills this month and instead, use that money to purchase my plane ticket. So simple!

On a serious note, I need to improve the quality of my life and spending power so that when I go, I will be able to thoroughly enjoy my dream vacation.

Dream Come True - Cinderella

I will go, I just don’t know when.




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