An Author: I Want to be One

At some point in my life, I hope to be able to say that I wrote a book. A book of love, of healing, of life, of career, of family, of anything that holds meaning to me.

As I write this, I think it’s also time that I STOP talking about things that I want to do and START doing them.

A tip I read last week suggests that one of the first things that I can do to kick-start my writing journey is to formulate potential titles for the books I want to write.

Easy right? I’m always ruminating on a million and one things so I can just pick one…or so I thought.

It is a week later and I have only managed to conceive two barely working titles. 

In trying to become a positive person, I will consider this a great start! As I continue to grow and experience life, I have no doubt that inspiration will find me.

How’s that for looking on the bright side? ☺



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