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Credit Cards: Man’s Downfall?

Credit cards were created to bring about the downfall of man! Ok, so I’m joking about that or maybe I’m not but seriously, if you have zero self-control, it’s probably in your best interest not to use these things.

I always thought I had great self-control but it turns out that I didn’t when it came to using my credit card. Even though most times I used it out of necessity. After two times of almost maxing out my credit card, I think I have figured it out and if I continue on this trajectory, my credit card debt will be repaid in full at the end of April 2016. In fact, I am quite determined that it WILL be! No buts or maybes about it. The simplest solution for me is to not use it and for the last two months I have not. Today, I have repaid 67% of the debt. I feel like dancing.


So, it turns out I can control myself after-all even though I’m not quite out of the woods, having quite a few other grad school related loans that I need to repay… Sighs



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