January Recap & 2016 Goals

Hard to believe that a month has passed since the year began. The month of January wasn’t particularly productive or eventful since I was mostly at home recuperating.

I did go out a couple times but my days were mostly spent watching reruns and waiting for my beau to get home. My days were filled with reruns of Charmed, My Wife & Kids, Kings of Queens, Four Weddings, Baby Story and Family Feud. I even started watching the soap operas Young & the Restless and Bold & the Beautiful. I’m not complaining though because I enjoyed every minute of my days away from work!

I did take the time to reflect on 2015 though and considered the things I want to do this year. Top of the list is to get my licence to drive by May 2016. Goals have to be smart right? My other goals for 2016 are:

  1. Secure a new job in education, finance or the hospitality industry. It doesn’t even have to be local.
  2. Travel in August for vacation
  3. Move in with my boyfriend
  4. Adopt a school for my charity project
  5. Be open to others by lowering my guard a bit and stop being so reclusive
  6. Work on completing my 30before30 list. O gosh, I just realized the time I have
  7. Join a church community
  8. Blog often
  9. Date my family ha-ha
  10. Boost image and general spirit by learning to think positively, believe in myself and simply doing things to my satisfaction.

I’m seeing a lot of intangibles so I may be evolving past materialism. Actually, I have never been materialistic so I don’t know why I mentioned that. The fact is I am only becoming more self aware and know what I require to become a better version of myself. Self awareness is definitely important for growth.






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