Day 8 – 5 Things You’ve Learnt That School didn’t Teach

I would have appreciated it if during my last days of high school, college, university, somebody sat me down and said to me:

1. The workplace will be like no other political arena you’ve encountered…it won’t be easy to identify who is “for” or “against” you (no colours), people will be mischievous and “pull strings” behind your back and there will be a constant power struggle

2. You will experience a lot of disappointment…it ain’t all going to be sunshine and roses

3. Failing is definitely an option/you will fail many times but there are no.make-up.tests

4. You will be put in/faced with compromising positions/situations but be strong and stand up for what is right/what you believe in…so what if they fire you

5. Sin, cos and tangent (I’m amazed that I even remember that) will be used when you………………………….still.waiting. 🙂


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