Day 5 – How Are You?

When someone asks me this question, I always wonder how truthful I should be or if they really want to know how I’m doing. Are they only being polite? Most times, they are…

Truth is, most times I want to tell them how much I desire to have a fulfilling career but I set myself on a path that I just don’t how to get off from; how much of the things I regret not doing in high school and college; how much of the verbal abuse I have endured from my family for simply being the person that I am; how much I want to change my life; how much I… I think you get the idea but what I tell them is that I’m fine.

Because in spite of my challenges, I am fine. I won’t ever give up on finding new and better ways to enrich my life. There is a greater purpose for my life, I just need to find it.



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