Day 1 – Blogmas

Happy first day of December to me! How I love the winter season!

It’s certainly beginning to feel like Christmas around these parts, which is a good thing since the place has been so hot lately.

My challenge for this month is to blog everyday, blogmas.

Blogmas - Louise Rose

Plus, I need to refocus on what this blog is about, the reason that I created it…living life after university.

My life is not what I envisioned when I left university five years ago. I thought that I would have had a career in human resource by now but that is yet to be. And even though that is the case, I went on to pursue further studies in the field. Am I a sucker or what?

Hopefully something turns up soon in my job hunt. In the meantime, let me write!



2 thoughts on “Day 1 – Blogmas

  1. Haha love “Keep Calm & Blog” – this is my first year participating in blogmas and I’m hoping I can keep up with the daily blogging! I look forward to keeping up with your blogmas posts

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