ISFJ – Yep, That’s Me Alright

Guess what I learnt in class on Monday night, I am introverted…though I already knew that, it was substantiated through science on Monday!! 🙂  ISFJ  is one of 16 personality types of the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) and stands for Introversion, Sensing, Feeling, Judging.  What is the Myers Briggs Type Indicator you ask.  It’s sort of like a self test designed to help individuals identify their personality type, strengths, weaknesses, preferences and the like.  The MBTI looks at four main areas:  1) Extraversion vs Introversion 2) Sensing vs Intuition 3) Thinking vs Feeling and 4) Judging vs Perceiving, hence the acronnyms, ISFJ, ISTJ, ISFP, etc.

People who have ISFJ personalities are mostly reserved, warm-hearted and responsible.  They say people with ISFJ personalities tend to have the following characteristics:

  • Reliable, stable and down-to-earth
  • Enjoys order and structure
  • Dislikes conflict and confrontation
  • Kind, warm-hearted and considerate
  • Practical-minded
  • Likes concrete information
  • Very aware of other people’s feelings
  • Has a great memory for detail

When I read that, I thought “that’s so me,” well for the most part anyway 🙂  It was a really enlightening exercise.  I had heard about MBTI many times before but never actually did the test until last Monday in my Group Dynamics class.

I’m really enjoying this class you know, it is really helping me to uncover things about myself and how and why I relate to the people the way I do. We’ve been asked to keep a learning journal so hopefully I will see some progression in my personal development at the end of this class.


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