My Plan for Surviving Graduate School

This past week, I had my first set of classes and honestly, it was a little rough.  I immediately started rethinking my decision to pursue a Master’s Degree but I’m not going to give up so easily.  I won’t be a quitter.

While I was having all these doubts about whether or not I will pass my courses and if I’m doing the right thing, my boyfriend said something which made so much sense to me.  He said that if I knew everything then I wouldn’t need to go to school and our Campus Coordinator pretty much said the same thing at Orientation.  She told us not to be afraid to ask questions even when it sounds stupid or ridiculous.

With that said, I’m trying to push away all my doubts and fears and just focus on doing my best.  So what’s my plan for success? I’ve reflected on my undergraduate experience and all that I did wrong which could have turned my B’s and C’s to A’s. This is what I came up with…

  • Read and research to become conversant with my area of study
  • Increase awareness of societal issues
  • Be more vocal in class
  • Practise good time management
  • Prioritize
  • Ask for help
  • Reduce TV time
  • Find the balance between work, personal life and school – do not neglect one for another

Through all of this, I realize the value of having a good support system… people to call on for advice, to encourage you and even to just be a sounding board…


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